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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  July 21, 2011 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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shuttle "atlantis" coming up this half hour. the question is, what is ne for america's historic space program? it's "way too early" for this. good morning to you, i'm peter alexander, this is "way too early," the show that has never defied gravity but once can say it jumped off a friend's roof into the pool. the roof was low, to be fair. thanks for waking up with us this morning and watching us on msnbc. you're listening live on sirius xm radio. there is a lot, as we've said, going on today, including what has become a humid, hot, miserable weather pattern that is refudsing to go away. the worst hitting new york and much of the east coast today. the forecasters say it's only going to get worse. plus, as we mentioned live this half hour, we're going to bring you the final landing of the shuttle "atlantis." jay barbree will join us later in the show.
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jay, of course, a legend in this business. there's some old clips. he has been there for every space launch dating back to 1961. 50 proud years for those of you keeping score at home. but first we want to get to the news right now live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. with this deadline 12 days away, there are new efforts to he can brotherer a deficit deal as top congressional leaders from both parties return to the white house. the administration calling yesterday's meetings with democratic leaders and then later with house republican leaders john boehner and eric cantor, quote, productive. and now there is word the idea of a major $4 trillion deal may be back on the table. this comes amid reports that president obama may be open to a short-term hike in the debt ceiling. jay carney says any extension would be, to use his language, a few days. that would be just enough time to allow a more comprehensive deal to get through congress, something that carney says the
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obama administration is working towards. >> we are, as you know, supportive of the efforts by senators mcconnell and reid to craft a fallback provision, solution, that ensures we take the necessary action on raising the debt ceiling. right now there are multiple trains heading for the station. we have to decide, and some of them may continue to the last moment because we have to be sure that failsafe option is there, even as we pursue aggressively the possibility of doing something bigger. >> meanwhile that so-called gang of six is now working to sell its deficit plan to house lawmakers in a bid to shore up support, but some liberal members of the chamber are voicing new opinions on the way in which the plan was crafted. >> we are an anti-gang group. we are trying to suppress the growth of gangs.
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they're not healthy for washington. >> i think it's an insult to the congress that we have to go back to a gang of six, much less the senate for a solution to the problem itself. it's a very complicated issue. i, for one, can't see how we could possibly go back home and tell our constituents that we have no clue what six people have come up with and the president apparently to some extent has embraced it. >> the gang of six's proposal could face difficulties passing the house, as we've just heard, where republicans have the majority and are signaling their opposition to new revenues, while the democrats are against those entitlement changes. as lawmakers race to reach a deal before the august 2nd deadline, "the new york times" is reporting today that wall street is working on a fallback plan to save the country from a default on its debt. for more on that, we want to go to cnbc, what more do we know
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about those plans? >> yeah, an interesting plan reported in "the new york times" saying that wall street, i.e. pension funds, hedge funds, have been coming out with their own dooms day plan in case the debt ceiling talks fall through and the u.s. loses its prized aaa credit rating. banks are reportedly looking at their u.s. treasury holdings and they will see if they can retain value even in the case of a downgrade. also mutual funds have been lobbying to keep treasuries on balance sheets. and hedge funds are always looking to make a quick buck, well, they have been stockpiling cash to buy up treasuries at depressed prices when others are forced out and they're hoping to sell them at a profit later on. >> carolyn, leaders agreed to a rescue plan for greece. what more do we know about that effort?
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>> well, you would never think this day would come, but as you say, france and germany seem to have agreed on a plan. the details are pretty scant at this point, but so far what we're hearing is that it will include some sort of private sector involvement. whether this will be a bank tax, we don't know at this point. what it will also likely include is a buy-back of debt and probably lower interest rates on existing greek loans. back over to you. >> appreciate it. there are new developments in that hacking scandal engulfing rupert murdoch's media empire. the full extent of the alleged coverup at murdoch's now defunct "news of the world," they will release details of the dealing with the law firm that allegedly has e-mails documenting what the company did wrong. this many comes after another intense day in parliament where the british prime minister,
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david cameron there, used an emergency session to defend his dealings with murdoch's company offering an apology for the controversy that's now tainting his government. martin fletcher now with the latest from london. >> reporter: up, up and away for rupert murdoch heading home to america, after what he called the most humble day of his life. >> order. order. >> reporter: leaving behind uproar in parliament's emergency session. >> the prime minister. >> where prime minister david cameron ate humble pie, too. >> you live and you learn, and believe you me, i have learned. >> reporter: cameron had rejected advice and hired his communications chief andy carlson, a former editor of "news of the world." >> in 20/20 hindsight, i would not have offered him the job and he expect he wouldn't have taken it. >> reporter: he was arrested two weeks ago in the phone hacking scandal. it is engulfing britain's media,
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police and politics. prime minister cameron was accused of being too cozy with news international executives. two dozen meetings in less than two years. >> i never had one inappropriate conversation. >> reporter: as for rupert murdoch. >> might say the murdoch brand itself is hopelessly tarnished. >> reporter: still, the verdict in britain is that murdoch couldn't have asked for better publicity than the pie attack during yesterday's parliamentary committee meeting. it deflected some attention from phone hacking, bribery and corruption, on to wendi murdoch. the press verdict? what a wife. >> come the moment of abei atta she leapt in, and my goodness, she certainly brought it to life. >> reporter: murdoch isn't off the hook by a long shot. his son james could be asked to return to answer more questions. >> there are sure to be more hearings, and there are sure to be more evidence, things will
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come out. other shoes will drop. >> definitely my favorite sound bite of the day. she definitely brought those proceedings to life. here in the u.s., the justice department is launching an investigation into news corp.'s conduct, looking to see if there were in fact any efforts to hack the voicemails of 9/11 victims. moving on to the 2012 presidential race, michele bachmann is responding to questions about her chronic migraine headaches. the minnesota congresswoman released a note from her physician yesterday detailing her condition. the note reading, and i quote, you are overall in good general health. your migraines occur infrequently and have known trigger factors of which you are aware and know how to avoid. that apparently was not enough for tim pawlenty, who questioned the congresswoman's health and
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its potential impact on her ability to run for office while campaigning -- complaining. campaigning, excuse me, in iowa yesterday. pawlenty saying, quote, in fact he sort of was complaining, all the candidates i think are going to have to be able to demonstrate they can do all of the jobs all the time. there it was. but just a few hours later, pawlenty walked back his comments during this interview on fox news. >> you know, i think it's mostly a side show, greta. i've observed congresswoman bachmann, i've never seen her have a medical condition that would seem to be a concern. >> pawlenty's comments come as the former minnesota governor trails bachmann by 14 percentage points in the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. tiger woods does his best donald trump impersonation, telling his long-time caddy, you're fired. will he rebound in time for the next major pga event?
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i hope the next caddy says i want a salary, not a cut. and it's bad when the weather guy uses the word heat dome. we'll ask bill karins if there's any relief in sight and we'll check on the conditions for the "atlantis" shuttle landing. that is live this morning all when "way too early" comes right back. i have astigmatism.
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so, i get claritin clear. non-drowsy claritin relieves my worst symptoms. and only claritin is proven to keep you as alert and focused as someone without allergies. no other brand can say that not even allegra. live claritin clear. we're back right now on "way too early" and this is a live look at the images given to us by nasa right now. you can see the path of the shuttle "atlantis," the final shuttle mission for the united states, ending 30 years of manned space flight. and listen to this. in the course of 30 minutes, this path is going to take high
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above central america, across the gulf of mexico, just going to be a little west of cuba as they do this. they will land at runway 15 at kennedy in florida. bill karins is with us. this is ideal weather right now. >> it's perfect. everything's going well. it's past kind of the critical point. as the shuttle comes in, it has to go through our atmosphere and that's the most dangerous part. that's when the heat tiles take the most abuse and i think it's past that point. it's now passing cuba and about to head over florida. then it will do a bunch of high-speed turns to lose some of its momentum as it approaches the runway. the sun's coming up, you couldn't ask for a more picturesque morning for the last shuttle landing ever. obviously the heat is the big story, yesterday oppressive heat across the country, that has now arrived on the east coast. you will feel it this morning in the humidity levels that are much higher than yesterday. we have heat warnings in orange
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that spread from tulsa, chicago, pittsburgh, all of ohio and right up the busy i-95 corridor. this is the amount of moisture in the air, and that dew point is high. the heat index today going to be ridiculous. we had a chance for some near record highs. as advertised, two days in a row, it gets better by sunday. >> this is just impressive heat. it's not pleasant but it's impressive as you look at it from a distance. time now for a little bit of sports and we begin with tiger woods firing his long-time caddie steve williams. this move ending a 12-year relationship where tiger won 72 times worldwide, 13 majors on his website lt gray said i want to express my deepest gratitude but i think it's time for a change. basically you can walk. woods did not say he would -- who he would replace williams with or when he would return to golf. we said it once, we'll say it again, we hope the guy gets a
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salary, not a cut the way woods has been playing lately. tim lincecum, and getting cody ross swinging. he was untouchable. lincecum also had his good stuff striking out matt kemp in the fourth. in the sixth he strikes out juan rivera. we go scoreless to the seventh when navarro crushes a lincecum pitch. watch this. boom. there it is. that one's on its way to the cove. the dodgers win this rivalry 1-0. looks pretty good right now. a tough night for ozzie guillen on the road in kansas city. in the sixth of that game, paul konerko, hauling one down to the left field line, sox up 1-0.
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a foul off the pitch, skipper ozzie guillen is not paying attention. that one is off his grill. he put some ice on it and guillen would stay in the game. no dl for the managers in the dugout. wow. look at that. this one would go to extra innings. so two outs now in the extra time, white sox pitcher sergio santos, a wild pitch, he was coming to score. the royals win this one 2-1. coming up at the top of this hour on "morning joe," president obama, huddling with leaders from both sides of the aisle with 12 days remaining until the deadline. they're down to the wire now. and when we come back here, live pictures again from nasa. the space shuttle "atlantis" is scheduled for the historic touchdown at any moment at kennedy space center. this will be the end of an era for nasa, and we will speak live to nbc's jay barbree.
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back live now on "way too early" and today marks the end of space shuttle "atlantis's" final mission but also marks a more significant finish, the end of the space shuttle program as we know it. with the end of an era it is also to the city of houston, tell your friends that after "atlantis" touches down, houston mission control will go dark and more than 900 people will be laid off as a result of "atlantis's" final landing. bittersweet for so many reasons today. nasa planning to turn the space into a training event, mostly for astronauts going to the immaterial space station as well as flight controllers working with the station. we want to introduce to you
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again one of our close friends here at nbc and msnbc live from cape canaveral, florida, nbc's space correspondent, jay barbree. jay, this is a historic and yet a bittersweet moment. only moments from now we will start to see the shuttle "atlantis" as it comes into sight and then lands, really, within the next five to ten minutes. what has been so significant to you in terms of the meaning of the shuttle program to the united states of america? >> reporter: well, what it has done, peter, it has taught us how to live in space. it blt the international space station. this is the size of a small city block, it just came over the launch pad here. it saw "atlantis" coming in, and "atlantis" appeared like a meteor coming through the atmosphere over the western pacific. as it approached the yucatan just minutes ago and the space station crew, the six people on board got to see this. now, everything is right on time, peter. they're four minutes and 18 seconds out, and just a moment
2:53 am
ago we got one heck of a picture from the cockpit of "atlantis." we should be getting that back on nasa right now you can see the "atlantis" on infrared. it's just appearing, it's over disney world at this time, as it's approaching us here four minutes out, it will come in. we'll hear some twin sonic booms in about two minutes. but as it gets here, this is called the most perfect weather for landing yet for the shuttles. this is number 135 space shuttle flights. we had 31 before, for 166 flights, peter, and right now we're being told that the next flight that can follow this from here could be as early as 2014. there are the sonic booms, i was telling you about, just came in. and in 2014, that would be the company space x out of california, it's a private company. they've flown their rocket once, and right now everything is on schedule. they hope to fly another
2:54 am
unmanned flight by year's end. then they hope to fly in 2014. because on board that station, peter, as we've been reporting, is an american flag. it flew on the very first space shuttle on april 12th, 1981. this crew took it up there and left it on the station. it's there for the next crew of american astronauts flying from cape canaveral, florida, to go up and get it. and that could be within three years, peter. >> jay, today's crew includes the captain, christopher ferguson, they call him fergie at nasa. they woke up this morning to "god bless america." as you note, there have been no technical problems today on this final and historic landing. the question is, at the end of this, it will stay and be retired at the kennedy space center site, it will be on display at the visitors center, but the question is the future of the space program as we know it. this is the short term program, where the shuttles go, but where
2:55 am
do you see americans going when it comes to outer space? >> reporter: well, nasa right now is cutting back to their commercial program. the good part about it, it will save the taxpayers a lot of money because shuttles did a great job, but they were very expensive to fly. commercial flight will be much cheaper. but nasa will also be building what they call a heavy lift rocket. they already have a multi purpose spacecraft called orion and its first mission will be to go to an asteroid. we're a minute and 43 seconds away from the touchdown, peter. >> we'll ask you to stay with us as we go silent and again, this is the final landing of "atlantis," the 135th and final shuttle mission. >> as it approaches the runway, commander chris ferguson will flare up "atlantis's" nose to burn up excess speed prior to
2:56 am
deployment by pilot doug hurley. >> reporter: we have pictures here, if you want to. this is coming from the cockpit of "atlantis" itself, as it is approaching the kennedy space center here. you see what they call the hudhs up display. this is what the two pilots on board, commander chris ferguson and also pilot doug hurley, this is what they see as they come in for the landing. they will be landing to the southeast, moving at 205 knots and it's on the runway 15 here, 150, that is what it is on the compass, 150 degrees. straight ahead, you can see the runway. we're 20 seconds out from the landing. you see an outline of the shuttle itself making its
2:57 am
approach. this is what the pilots see. straight ahead, the final landing of a space shuttle, this is "atlantis" on its final approach. everything is right on course. it is a perfect approach, as you can see here by "atlantis." you see the shuttle here now. here it comes in, the touchdown, it's on the ground. "atlantis" is home. this is a final space shuttle landing. here comes the drag chute. here comes the nose gear to touchdown. "atlantis" is rolling out. >> a ship like no other, its place in history secured, the space shuttle pulls into port for the last time. its voyage at an end. >> reporter: thank you, rob, from mission control, houston. she's back, peter.
2:58 am
>> having inspired the imagination of a generation, they put it best. jay barbree, you have been a part of this program for 50-plus years. in a sentence, you can wrap it up as -- how? >> reporter: well, it's been the greatest experience that any one person could have for a lifetime. working for nbc for 53 years, there's nothing like it. it's a great company, it's great people, it's been a wonderful assignment, peter. >> jay, we've appreciated you for so many years. we appreciate you joining us for this historic moment live here on "way too early." stay with us. "morning joe" begins as soon as we come back. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943.
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